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The Health Benefits of Cannabis

The health benefits of cannabis are vast and far-reaching. Marijuana has been used as a natural remedy for centuries, and many of the medicinal properties of the plant are only now being discovered. Cannabis can be used to improve your life in a variety of ways, including by treating chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and other

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Growing sativa and indica strains indoor.
Sativas Explained

When it comes to the effects of sativa strains, they are typically more cerebral and uplifting than indica strains. This is because the primary psychoactive compound in sativas is THCV, which is known for its energizing effects. Sativas are often recommended for daytime use due to their ability to increase focus and creativity. They are

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Indica – What Is It?

Indica is a cannabis strain that is known for its sedative and calming feelings of relaxation and pain relief. Some indica strains offer high levels of CBD, which creates those relaxing body sensations without any psychoactive effects like euphoria or anxiety from THC-dominant strains.

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