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What are Moon Rocket Joints

Moon rocket joints are a type of cannabis joint that is becoming increasingly popular. They get their name from the fact that they look like a moon rocket. Moon rocket joints are made by taking cannabis, terpenes, oil, and kief. If you are looking for an intense cannabis experience, then moon rocket joints are definitely the way to go!

What is a Moon Rocket

A moon rocket is a type of cone joint made from cannabis that has been flavor-infused with terpenes to give it a taste similar to berry, blackberries, apples, or citrus. After that, a coating of BHO is applied to the cone, and new kief is then dusted on top. The majority of Moon Rocks also come with a filter since the resin that is produced by the cannabis combination is too much for your tongue to handle.

Benefits of Moon Rockets

Making Moon Rockets instead of Moon Rocks takes less time and results in a joint that is ready to smoke rather than a flower that is more challenging to consume. The speed with which this procedure may be completed and made available for usage is one of its greatest and most intriguing features. The best ingredients are often used to create them, and when combined, they create a strong mixture that will lift you higher than any normal joint could ever hope to. They are also remarkably simple to prepare, requiring just a few basic ingredients. They are easy to find online, you can purchase these joints online at our dispensary.

How to make a Moon Rocket

You will need:

  • Grinder
  • Cannabis flower
  • Rolling papers
  • Lighter
  • BHO or another kind of cannabis oil
  • Kief
  • Terpene
  • Filter paper for joint
  • Bobby pin or tool

The first step is to take your cannabis and grind it up into small pieces. Dress up the joint with whatever cannabis concentrate you choose. It can be better to use a warmed bobby pin to evenly apply heavier oils across the joint’s outer surface. A brief dip will have the same benefits with minimal to no effort if your concentration is thin.

Once the oil has been completely coated, add new kief in layers until the concentrate is completely covered. This will create a pretty interesting visual effect and make it so you can feel the paper without it feeling sticky. You may light the Moon Rocket and smoke it like any other joint once it has completely dried.